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4 Easy steps for deploying Software on Clody

Create Github

Create a no-data image system, and upload it to Github

Create Customer

Create a new Customer and assign it a custom flavor

Let Clody works

Clody prepares all needed resources for your Customer.

Ready to work

Your Customer will work with your Software instantly.

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cloud platform for SaaS developers

Why Clody.Space is Right for You?

Most companies that develop software on Cloud don't have enough experience deploying complex Cloud Infrastructures (IaaS).

For that reason most of Cloud applications usually are installed on traditional virtual servers (VPS) or dedicated servers. However, when the Customer needs more resources, to migrate the original server to a new higher server is a need.

For that, Web Applications share databases among multiple Customers, stability and security can be seriously compromised.

Finally, managing a server requires being aware of updates and bugs, as well as the usual maintenance tasks.

What's Clody?

Clody is a Microservices Management Platform. It's built for Cloud-based Software Companies looking for a solid, highly scalable and a very reasonable price Cloud Platform (PaaS). Clody is capable of managing in a virtual way, large hardware infrastructures.

Clody is, therefore, a high-level layer, which manages virtualized hardware from a Web interface and through published REST-APIs.

What's Clody for?

On background, Clody manages the processes necessary for each Customer to access to assigned dedicated Virtual Hardware (selected Flavor).

Each Customer runs their software in an isolated environment, ensuring scalability, stability, privacy and Data security.

In addition, the Customer always has the assigned resources available (selected Flavor), since they do not have to share them with others.

Clody is a set of clusters, instances, nodes, and storage and Web Control Panel for managment.

Web Control Panel

All these elements are managed from a web control panel. Web Control Panel manages the new Costumers, instances and their respective applied Flavors, and the additional storage allocated. Also, Web Control Panel monitors the % using of resources, whether they are operational or enough. Thanks to this control, alarms and warnings are easily managed.


Set of services deployed on a Cloud Data Center. Clody can deploy Clusters in different countries and synchronize Data between them.


Set of nodes and storage that are processed individually. The instances are served in different Flavors, adapted to the needs of each Customer. There are Instances of a single Customer (Single Tenant), and Instances shared among several Customers (Multi-Tenant). Instances Flavour can be changed (upgrade or downgrade), and storage can be expanded.


Each Customer have a unique node with a chosen Flavor (Virtual Hardware Package). The different published Microservices (Apache, MySQL, etc) will run in Customer own node. In case of failure, the node will be destroyed and regenerated from the image on GitHub.


Storage is persistent and redundant (three-level replicated). Optionally you can hire cold backup stored in AWS.

There are many reasons why you need Clody.


Most Microservices Platforms are very complex for deploying and managing. Furthermore, the range of services is so wide, that it is very confusing. Clody is simple, clear, and easy to understand and deploy.

Fast and automated deployment

When you grow, having tools for automate the creation and deploying the new Customers is essential. Clody offers you a Web Control Panel and some APIs so that you can do these actions in an automated, simple and fast way.

Low cost and proportional growth

Many startups with large software projects, need highly scalable Platforms, but they cannot afford high initial costs. Also, monthly cost must grow in proportion to number of Customers, as well as the services they consume.

Stability and security

Delegating the hardware layer, as well as its physical and virtual management, implies a great responsibility. A malfunction has a direct impact on your software not being operational. Clody offers you redundant services both, at the microservice, storage and backup level, with a delegated guarantee of SLA service higher than 99.9%. Clody also has anti-DDoS and an automatic system for applying "patches" and bugs in lower layers.

Billing aid

When you offer SaaS Software it is essential to use tools for creating automated invoices to your clients quickly. Clody will help you in that way.

Self-Launch Nodes

Clody monitors the health conditions for each service, and relaunches the nodes automatically.

Thresholds & Autoscalling

In high availability environments, the Intelligent Load Balancer automatically distributes loads according to their established thresholds.

Clody allows autoscaling both in upgrade and downgrade for clients with high variation in resource consumption.

Multiple environments

Clody enables its Customers to have isolated development, pre-production and production environments.

Customers with little data volume and no high speed calculation needs, must have Low Cost options.


Clody allows multiple nodes with many Microservices to be integrated within the same Instance.

Customers can share the cost of an instance.

However, multiple Customers can be toghether in the same instance. So, data and resources will remain isolated from each other.

Low Cost Flavors

Each instance can have multiple Virtual Hardware configurations. We have designed some packages for needs of each type of Client.

Customers with high requirements must be able to scale at any time.

Single Tenant

Each Customer can have several nodes working together. Clody has an Intelligent Load Balancer, which allows large workloads.

Customers can change Flavor (upgrade or downgrade), according to their needs they can add Load Balancer and increase both, Storage and backup capacity.

Premium flavors

We have designed Premium packages for Customers with high requirements (large volumes of data, great need for mathematical calculations, high number of database queries, etc.).

A flavor for every need

Available Flavors Segment


  • Ref. CPG
  • vCPU
  • 2 to 32 vCore
  • vMemory
  • 7Gb to 120Gb
  • Persistent Storage
  • 50Gb to 400Gb
  • Public Network Speed
  • 250Mb/s to 10Gb/s
  • Private Network Speed
  • 300Mb/s to 4Gb/s
  • General Purpose
From € 45 /Mo


  • Ref. CPM
  • vCPU
  • 4 to 32 vCore
  • vMemory
  • 15Gb to 120Gb
  • Persistent Storage
  • 100Gb to 400Gb
  • Public Network Speed
  • 250Mb/s to 10Gb/s
  • Private Network Speed
  • 1Gb/s to 4Gb/s
  • High CPU consumption
  • Parallel tasks
  • Big workloads
From € 125 /Mo


  • Ref. CPC
  • vCPU
  • 4 to 16 vCore
  • vMemory
  • 60Gb to 240Gb
  • Persistent Storage
  • 100Gb to 400Gb
  • Public Network Speed
  • 250Mb/s to 10Gb/s
  • Private Network Speed
  • 2Gb/s to 4Gb/s
  • Optimized CPU-RAM
  • High IOPS (Input/Output operations x second)
  • For data analytics
  • For «data science»
From € 145 /Mo


  • Ref. CPH
  • vCPU
  • 8 to 32 vCore
  • vMemory
  • 45Gb to 180Gb
  • Persistent Storage
  • 50Gb
  • NVMe Storage
  • 1.9Tb to (4x1.9Tb)
  • Public Network Speed
  • 1Gb/s to 8Gb/s
  • Private Network Speed
  • 2Gb/s to 4Gb/s
  • Ultra-fast IOPS (Input/Output operations x second)
  • NVMe cards
  • For large databases
  • For Big Data applications
From € 395 /Mo

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